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What to expect on wine fridge delivery day?

Congratulations! Your new wine fridge is on its way. You’ve thought ahead and prepared your home for the big day, so we can ensure a smooth delivery process. Get ready to enjoy all of that tasty chilled wine soon!

So what happens on delivery day?

Delivering your order is an exciting time! To make sure that you don’t have to wait around all day, we will let you know the date of delivery and provide a time slot of arrival. An hour ahead of time our driver will call to let you know they are almost there – ensuring everything runs smoothly on this special occasion!


What happens when the delivery people arrive?

When your wine fridge is delivered, the team need an appropriate space to park their vehicle – could be a Luton van or even larger. Make sure you let Willow Oak know in advance if there are limited access issues such as narrow roads or no parking at all. It’s also important to tell them where it needs going, since staircases require specific tools. Upon arrival, the delivery personnel will unpack your appliance and place it securely – don’t forget they can take away packaging too! If you are concerned you may want to return the wine fridge though, please hold on to the packaging as  we cannot accept returns without it.


When Signing for your new Wine Fridge

Before you sign for your new wine fridge, take a few moments to inspect it. Make sure the packaging is intact and check every inch of the fridge, inside and out; does the door shut without issue? If there any signs of damage, call Willow Oak right away so that our team can help address any issues before they become more serious problems. By taking these extra steps now, we’ll be better equipped to assist in getting you the replacement or refund quickly!


Don’t be in too much of a rush!

Congratulations! You’re almost ready to take your wine chilling experience up a notch. To get the most out of your fridge, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wait at least 24 hours before powering it on after arrival although some brands recommend only 12 hours. For even more efficiency, stock up on bottles during this cool-down period–a full fridge will make all the difference in preserving those precious vintages for years to come.


Time to enjoy!!

Enjoy your new wine cooler with these top tips.

  1. Enjoying a glass of your favourite Bordeaux is no crime, but if you truly want to ensure your wine stays at its best for the longest time possible – fill up that fridge! A full wine chiller provides more efficient cooling and limits temperature fluctuations compared to one with less liquid. So go ahead, indulge in your favourite bottle – just don’t forget to refill it as soon as you can.


  1. To ensure that your freestanding wine fridge stays in working order, it’s important to allow for proper air ventilation. For optimal results and functionality, leave a gap of 2-3 inches around the unit – unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.
  2. Maintaining an ideal environment for your wine cooler is key to its longevity. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold and sudden changes therein can cause a machine to overwork itself if not taken into account – leading potential failure of the appliance. If you are in an area that experiences drastic temperature fluxes, make sure to protect your cooler by regulating the room’s climate accordingly so as it falls within suggested operating parameters!
  3. Keep your wine at its best by storing it in a cool, steady environment and limiting the times you open up the fridge. This ensures that more energy isn’t wasted as temperatures adjust with each opening of the door.
  4. Protect your wine cooler from dirt and grit! Regularly cleaning it will help ensure its optimal performance, as well as replacing parts like carbon filters if needed. Keep your investment in tip-top shape.
There you have it. Some great tips to ensure you get many many years of enjoyment out of your wine fridge.